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Goodlife Loop

Goodlife is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative designed to extend the lifetime of our products through responsible recycling.
Founded on the premise of delivering quality essentials for modern living, we introduce our new program, Goodlife Loop. This initiative is the next step in reducing our brand’s footprint while educating our community on the importance of recycling clothing and textiles through reliable and transparent sources.

Goodlife Loop was created in response to the epidemic currently facing the disposal of excess clothing and footwear. Currently it is estimated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that 70% of all disposed clothing and footwear ends up in landfills while 17% is incinerated. As of this week Goodlife Clothing will take steps to ensure that its products do not end up as such; instead we are promoting the return of worn Goodlife products to be given a longer life. During the beta phase of Goodlife Loop, this service will be only available through our two New York City locations.

“We created Goodlife Loop to help reduce our negative impact on the environment while providing our customers with a service needed to dispose of worn clothing, responsibly. This is not a sustainability initiative; this is a recycling initiative. Our goal is to encourage our customers to recycle their worn Goodlife products through the Goodlife Loop and to better understand where they end up” Chris Molnar - Goodlife Founder + CO-CEO

We have partnered with NY based Green Tree Textiles that will shred the returned garments and transform them into insulation for housing. While we continue to stand by the quality and durability of our products, the intention is to highlight a more conscious and thoughtful way of consuming and discarding worn clothing. Together with Green Tree Textiles, we share the mission of providing a circular business model that will extend the life of discarded textiles, and ultimately convert waste into value. To incentivize the recycling of our worn products, we will provide a (20%) discount towards your next purchase.
Enjoy. Recycle. Refresh.